Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Eye spy

A couple of years ago I took the kids for their first visit with the eye doctor. At the time he said that both Madisyn and Ty were farsighted but most kids are and they tend to outgrow it. We went back a few weeks ago and Madisyn's vision had not improved as much as he would like for it to have. So she got glasses.

Because they are for reading we made a girl's day out of it and went to the bookstore to buy a new book to celebrate being able to see better. We left the boys with Daddy and had a great time. I also discovered that Hasting's gives 25% off new books to educators - including homeschoolers.
I know everyone is shocked that she would choose a horse book but what can I say.

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  1. Oh... Tori was far sighted and needed glasses at that age. Now she is 13 and has good vision. Doesn't need to wear glasses anymore. If she is like me... I am near sighted and wear really really thick glasses. We'll have to see.

    Good for you mommy for getting their eyes checked.