Tuesday, August 5, 2008

School is in Session!!!

Yep, I'm one mean momma. We started school on July 21st. I like to take a loooooooooong Christmas break so we start a few weeks early. Besides, it's too hot to do anything else anyway.

So here it is, the whole class ---

Madisyn - 2nd grade (when did that happen!), Ty - kindergarten, Griffin - preschool and Ben - nursery.

So far things are going well.

Madisyn is using Saxon Math and Phonics, 2nd grade. She is also doing a new copywork program this year. We are using First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind for grammar (and she's memorized her first poem). History, Geography, Humanities is being covered with Tapestry of Grace. McWhiz Kid Science is completing our program. I plan to add a little Home Ec and sewing as the year moves on.

Ty is also using Saxon Math and Phonics. He participates in the Tapestry program and can't wait to blow something up in science.

Griffin begs to do school to so he does any coloring sheets that go along with TOG and a few preschool activity sheets from a Wal-Mart workbook.

Ben contributes by making sure that Madisyn and Ty can complete their work and learn from a very distracted Mommy. ;)

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  1. What a great looking class! Raegen and I are looking forward to the "field trip" tomorrow. :) Check out my new wall paper...it's super cute and there's tons to choose from on the new site!