Monday, September 29, 2008

Beautiful Afternoon

This afternoon the kids and I went outside. Ben had his first trampoline experience. He had a good time rolling around and being slightly bounced.

Of course, we had to spend some time swinging too!

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  1. Hi!

    Not real sure how I came across your seems we have a lot in common.I'm considering going to cloth-wiping, not sure if I can make the change to cloth diapers...I don't have a minute to spare now.

    We just moved to the area in June, and we really like it here.We rent a home that we have been told is the old "Crosby Dairy Farm"???We googled it, and found nothing.The Willetts own it now, I believe they have a cousin running for Mayor here.?.

    Quick question, do you belong to a homeschool group/co-op, the only one we've come across is NEACHE?

    Cute kiddos:)