Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Meaner than a snake

Tonight Griffin was bit by a snake. It was a plain belly water snake (non-venomous). Honestly, if I hadn't seen it myself I would have thought he just got scratched by something.

I was blogging and Ty came running in the house screaming. A snake bit Griffin, A snake bit Griffin! I said what and then heard Griffin screaming. His right pinkie finger was bleeding on the backside of the knuckle. I grabbed him and started running cold water over his finger. I then thought if it was a snake I need to know what kind. I left Madisyn in charge of the water running and had Ty come out with me. I saw the snake (it was at least 3 feet long) slithering from behind the table and heading for a roll of wire fencing. I had Ty come to help and had planned for him to take the shovel and roll the fencing out of the way so I could be ready with the hoe.

Thankfully, a knight in a gray F-250 arrived. Kent saw the tail of the snake when he moved the fencing but the snake went under the concrete floor of the shop and was never seen again. All this happened while we were preparing to take the chickens to the Three County Fair. The chickens had to be checked in by 7:00. We got the water hose and tried to flood the snake out from under the concrete. After a while I was determined that I should take Madisyn and Ty (the chicken farmers) to check the chickens in the fair and Kent would attempt to kill the snake. Griffin stayed with Kent so a close eye could be kept on him. Thankfully Ben was still napping.

When we returned home from the fair (an hour and a half later) the snake had not made an appearance and Griffin seems to be fine. I attempted to take a picture of his finger but I couldn't get a good one.

What prompted the snake to strike? It took me a bit to return to normal breathing and heart rhythms to even ask this question.

The kids were outside playing in the shop (they like to ride their scooter there). Griffin saw a ball peeking out from behind a table that was leaned against the shop wall. He reached for the ball and the snake bit him. I don't think the snake had a chance to get a good bite. From what I read it could have been much worse - some snakes don't release when they bite!!! His finger has a very small cut with a purple-ish bruise under the cut. It is slightly puffy. We have doctored it and I think he will completely recover. As for his momma, let's just say I earned a few more gray hairs.


He seems to be as normal as he ever was. That little mark on his right pinkie is all he has.

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