Sunday, November 23, 2008

Caution - Men and Children at Work

The land for the new auction/retail lot is finally ours!

Work has begun. Builder are building the shops first so dirt work had to be done to make a pad for each one to rest on.

First Uncle Kirk loads up Daddy's dump truck and the load of dirt is carried to Nana and Papaw's land (they own 5 acres, the company owns 35).

It was sooooo cold that day, Ben had to stay in the warm van with Mommy and just watch the action. This is a very small truck but Uncle Kirk, Ty, Griffin, Madisyn and Daddy all managed to squeeze in.

Madisyn wanted to drive the dump truck so bad. She didn't actually get to but Daddy let her rev the engine so the bed would dump.

I think they made over 50 loads to get the pad started and that was for the smaller shop!

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