Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Road Trip!

We recently made our first road trip as a family of 7! A good friend, Scott, abandoned us . . .err I mean he left to go to school in Fayetteville a few years ago. Lucky for him (not so much for us) he met a great girl and they recently got married and plan to live near Fayetteville (the part that's bad for us). Although it was about a 5 hour drive and would require an overnight stay we loaded up the van and I do mean LOADED and headed that way. Anyone who believes in travelling light does not have 5 children. We had to have backup wedding outfits plus more comfortable travelling clothes. We also took Henry's moses basket and the pack and play to provide a place for Ben to sleep. Add in most of the cloth diapers we own and the "trunk" of the van was stacked!
Kent's parents also went so on the way there the 3 oldest kids rode with them. I had offered to cook the kids breakfast but they didn't want anything. As soon as the got in the truck with Nana and Papaw, they were starving. We made it about 30 minutes from home before stopping to eat breakfast in Bald Knob.
I didn't get any more pictures of the trip but it was great. Ben was really good and didn't get to be too difficult until the end. Henry had to be nursed once but was a great traveller.
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  1. What fun!! ;) ;) Madisyn's shirt is adorable...I've never seen it, how is that possible? You must take a closer picture and post! :) Did you make it?

  2. It's possible because that was the first time she wore it. LOL I ordered it from Dana (www.wonderunders.com). I have big plans to make a couple more because they can be worn over short or long sleeves so it would work through fall and spring.