Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day at the Park

Henry has seen it all now. ;) On a recent Friday afternoon we loaded in the van and headed to the park. Unfortunately, we missed the homeschool group but we decided to play anyway. Madisyn is a great big sister. She adores Henry and insisted that I take her picture with him on his first visit to the park in Wynne. She's going to be a great babysitter very soon and a wonderful mommy one day.
I think Henry was a little scared (and rightly so!) by the prospect of sliding with Griffin. No babies were harmed in the making of this photo. I have noticed that Henry has already figured out the different personalities of his siblings. He almost always laughs at just the sight of Griffin coming near. He knows that Griff will talk silly, make funny faces and tickle him. Madisyn is the loving, soothing one. Ty is a bit of a mix. You never know if he is coming for cuddles or to entertain. Henry gets really nervous and a little scared when Ben appears. LOL
Ty even wanted his picture made with Henry. If you know Ty at all, it's a HUGE deal to get him to willingly take a picture. You would think his brain is sucked out by the flash the way he normally acts. LOL I can't believe how much Ty has grown. Sometimes it's hard to see just how big he is getting but when I reflect I can see the strides he has made.

Ben was very proud to go down the tunnel slide alone. I am constantly amazed at the mind of a boy. I thought Ty was a handful, then I thought "Oh Griffin will be the dare devil." Little did I know that apparently boys get more brave the more older brothers they have. I have been very surprised that we haven't visited the ER yet but I think Ben is really working on it. (Field Trip and educational experience all rolled in one - he's considerate that way. ;) )
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