Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Last week I thought I would mix things up a little. We're more of a late to bed, late to rise kind of family so I thought I would try doing errands/chores in the morning and then school.
You can't head to town in the morning and NOT stop at the Whistle Stop Cafe for homemade donuts. Apparently everyone else had the same idea so they only blueberry left. We ate them anyway.

The promise of donuts always improves moods. (You would think I limit their sugar or something. )

Oh so good!

Then we went to WalMart. We always attract a lot of attention. Henry is in the wrap and I'm surprised by how many people are shocked to see a baby in there. What else would I carry in it?The kids always unload the cart for me. We've only had a couple of eggs broken ever (of course, we rarely buy eggs or bread so they aren't there to get damaged LOL ).
I'm not really sure why Ben wouldn't be more cooperative but I thought he was cute nonetheless. When we got home, Madisyn and Ty were finishing up school and Griffin begged me to take his picture. I'm sure this counts as Engineering or Ag 101 ;) .

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