Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Get along little Doggie

Madisyn loves, loves, loves, loves, loves to ride horses. Any horse, any time, any where. Just put her in the saddle and come back in a few days. ;) Kent had a little time and after doing some chores around the house, he rewarded the kids by helping them ride Sarah. Sarah is Papaw's horse and she's been living at our house for over a year now. Mommy isn't much for cowgirling so she doesn't get ridden often.
The kids helped give her a bath and a haircut and climbed on. Ty likes to ride but he isn't anywhere near as in to it as Madisyn. Things have to be so so for him to get in the saddle.
Ben isn't quite big enough to sit on her by himself so he made do with trying to get his head stuck in the gate. (See I told you, working on that ER trip. ) Everyone knows that heads made great wedges.

This boy cracks me up. I have about 10 pictures of him - all with the same face. But then again, that face pretty much sums up his personality.
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