Thursday, September 3, 2009

Going to the Chapel

Here comes the bride . . .

Mark opened the ceremony with a thank you and prayer. Hannah's grandfather performed the ceremony.

Our boys kept the squirming to a minimum at this moment. ;)

Uncle Kirk was supposed to keep his suit on so I could get a picture of him with the kids but he forgot. I know it's probably the last time he'll put one on so I hate that I missed out.

Hannah's mom made both the cakes and I thought the groom's cake was adorable!

This was before the two hours of pictures after the wedding - they were still smiling. LOL

The Mother and Father of the Groom.

I started out taking a few pictures of the wedding party with the rest of the photographers. I soon realized that none of the picture were done beforehand so I jumped ship. I didn't want to drag it out anymore because I was in the way.

Sister Newsom travelled down from Missouri where her daughter lives. She is waiting for a house in Bentonville to become available. It was the first time we had seen her since she moved.

There were two little boys (who shall remain nameless) who were looking forward to the rice throwing just a little too much.

Henry was a perfect angel the whole time. I tied him up in my wrap and I think he slept throught the entire ceremony. He was a great wedding guest and traveller.

There was a slight incident during the rice throwing. Griffin was standing near Mr. Mark when Scott and Hannah came out. Mark had a handful of rice and went to throw it underhand in front of him. About that time Griffin moved over and Mark's had caught him on the back of the head. Griffin went tumbling down. I think it took him awhile to believe that it was really an accident. :)

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