Sunday, November 1, 2009

Moses Basket says good-bye

Just before he turned 5 months, we realized Henry was outgrowing his Moses Basket. These pictures were taken on his last night in the basket.

I really loved the basket. In the past we have used a Pack and Play, bassinet and crib for the early days of babyhood. The bassinet was nice because it was small and didn't use a lot of space in our room. I like the Moses Basket because it was so light, I could move it easily. I could sit it on the kitchen table, in front of the living room window (when dealing with light jaundice), and we even took it with us when travelling on an overnight trip.

I'm really going to miss it. I loved the fabric and it was purchased by Daddy, who doesn't really get "into" baby stuff.

All that said, in the morning he always ended up here.

ETA: I was asked where we purchased the basket. We got it here last year. It was my Christmas gift from my wonderful family.

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  1. I want a Moses Basket...we just use a plain old bassinet!

    Where do you find them?

    It's hard when they move on, isn't it? Time really does fly!

  2. We got that one here

    It was my Christmas gift last year. It's still in my room even though he isn't sleeping in it. HA! Guess I'm having a harder time letting go than I realized.