Monday, February 15, 2010

Ch-Ch-Ch- Changes

Recently, we started work on some minor home improvement projects. We have big plans, big wishes and unfortunately - a small budget.
We started with re-purposing some rooms. We converted the school room/office into a play room. All four boys are sleeping in the boys room now so we wanted to move the toys out. No more toys under the bed, under the dresser, under the changing table, in the closet, in the dresser and empty toy boxes. LOL
Clearing out the school/office supplies meant we had to start with the closets. One great thing about this house is out closet space. We have two coat closets (one by each main exterior door, a linen closet (and cabinets in the bathrooms with plenty of bathroom linen storage) and a general storage closet. The boys room has two huge closets (their room was the former master suite) and Madisyn has two small/normal closets.
The linen and storage closet housed most of craft and sewing supplies so we decided to re-purpose the above Barrister Bookcase to house my stuff and move it to our bedroom.

This past summer we purchased a bedroom suite for the boys room that needed refinishing. We decided to paint the dresser and chest blue. We recently decided to paint the twin beds to match (they weren't from the original set).

I don't even know how many cans of spray paint Kent has used lately. The insides of his lungs are probably blue and black (our main colors). We aren't completely done with any rooms so I don't have after photos to share yet but things are looking GREAT!!!! Kent has worked really hard sanding, scraping, gluing and painting and it really shows!

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  1. I enjoy remodeling as long as it is someone else's home! :~) I like that color blue! Can't wait to see the finished project.