Wednesday, April 14, 2010

And then there were 2

One afternoon we loaded up to get another peek at the newest cousin.

The kids had a great time playing on Rae-Rae's club house. Every time Ben sees the set at Sam's he starts hollering "That Rae-Rae's". Rae-Rae is never far from that boy's mind.

Everyone enjoys a good game of hide from the camera. :)

What a smiley baby! Henry has really enjoyed slides the last couple of weeks.

My little monkey swinging from the rafters.

There's nothing like feeling the wind in your hair.

That slide has a bump at just the right spot.

Raegen and Madisyn had that thing going! Raegen wasn't the least bit scared.

And the newest little guy. Isn't he sweet! Robin has decided to forgo all weight training - she gets a great workout lifting Lynden.

Ty had a good time crawling all over the set. They really like the "club house" part.

It was really hard, but somehow we were able to plead with Madisyn to hold Lynden. :)
We attempted a group shot but see my last post about posing 5 children - 7 at the end of a long day proved to be too much! ha!

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