Friday, April 30, 2010

Get on Board, Little Children

Last week we headed to Little Rock to meet our "feinds" and visit the Union Pacific Steam Locomotive #844.

We were so glad that Kent could join us. It's so much fun to get together with another family - mom, dad and all the kids.

Does Griffin look a little excited?

The steam engine is HUGE! It's probably close to 20 feet from ground to the top of the smoke stack. A ladder/platform was set up so the kids {and adults!} could walk up and peek in the conductor area.

Raegen, Lynden, Granddaddy and Aunt Robin were also there. I guess Raegen was "pictured out" because I couldn't get a good one of him for anything!

Aren't the wheels huge! They are about 7 feet tall!

9 kids with 7 out of 9 looking - I call it a success. LOL

After we checked out the engine we were able to go in a train car. One of the rear cars is set up as a souvenir shop. The man letting people on and off the car asked Ty if he liked trains. Ty told him "Not really, I'd rather see tractors.". LOL! The man suggested Ty think about his answer and try again if he wanted to get on! He finally conceded that the train was "pretty neat" but I'm pretty sure some muttering took place about the superiority of tractors!

Daddy and Ben heading in the train car.

Henry liked watching other trains pass by. The tracks are so close together.

Mrs. Jessica and most of the kiddos at the back of the car.

Daddy was drug to the back as well.

Mr. Jake works for UP and was explaining different aspects of the train yard to the boys.

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  1. I think is the same train that friends took some of our kids to see in TX a couple weeks ago. They didn't get to get on it though.