Thursday, June 3, 2010

Holy Sews Work Day

I'm behind on my blogging. :)

About a month ago I was privileged to be able to attend a Holy Sews Work Day. I had no idea what to expect so I loaded up a bag with scissors, a rotary cutter, and plenty of snacks for Henry. Henry and I travelled to Little Rock and prepared to get to work.

Normally the work days are on Sunday afternoons. Since I have a 2+ hour drive, I would get there in time to say hi and bye before heading back out the door to make it to church on time. I was thrilled when I learned there was a scheduling conflict and the May work day would be moved.
Because it was just before Mother's Day, it was a special meeting. Several ladies told their stories of why they are involved in Holy Sews.
Some were recipients of the layettes and wanted to give something back because it meant so much to have something to put their babies in.
Others hadn't experienced loss themselves but had witnessed family members and friends go through the grieving process. They were so affected by the suffering of others that they wanted to help.
Some had children/grandchildren who were preemies or almost didn't make it and wanted to aid others in their time of hurt.
Then there were several like me. Our precious babies went home sooner than we planned and we don't want someone else to have the same experience we did.
The thing we all had in common was that we want to help. We want the grieving parents to know that someone cares. Someone somewhere believes in the sanctity of life. Someone wants to help ease their pain by giving a bit of their time.

Throughout the meeting, there was lots of cutting, measuring, folding, sewing and of course, talking. I had such a great time meeting these ladies and finally being able to put a name with a face.

Walker and Henry provided entertainment. :) Walker is a major mover and shaker in his walker. I think that boy pushed himself for miles and miles. Surely he slept well that night!

I was using a sewing machine and Henry bug sat very contently in his stroller for almost the whole 3 hours. It wasn't until I was finishing my last set for the night that he decided this wasn't the party he planned.

Stephanie's niece, Abby, and Regina's daughter, Torrie, cut ribbons and talked the whole night. I really enjoyed being a fly on the wall for some of their conversations. I think how many days of school are left was the dominating theme. :)

A few of the finished sets. When packaged together, the blankets, layette, teddy bear and card make a wonderful ensemble. Some very talented ladies lend their skills (I just sew but they create) to design beautiful one of a kind set for the smallest of babies.

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