Sunday, August 8, 2010

The one where I make excuses

This is the post where I attempt to make excuses for not blogging for a month.

Right after I submitted my last post, Henry came down with something. He had trouble breathing one night and I really wanted to take him to the ER. Kent said we should keep an eye on him and he did improve by morning. Henry began running fevers in the afternoon/evening and seemed well the next morning. When Monday morning rolled around I took him to the doctor. He had developed a cough and was cranky. Kent suggested I go ahead and take him in to rule out an infection.

Boy! Did he have an infection! Turns out he had a severe case of pneumonia in his right lung. While waiting in the doctor's office I recalled that earlier the previous week he choked on some peanuts that a certain older brother dumped on the floor. Since there was a possibility that he could have aspiration pneumonia (peanut in the lung!), I was told to return if he didn't improve over night. The next morning we suspected he needed another antibiotic shot so we returned to the doctor. From there, I was told to take him to the children's hospital. Sometime after midnight, Henry was admitted to LeBonheur where we spent a week! He underwent a bronchoscopy where a tiny piece of almond was removed from his lung. Yes, I said he was eating peanuts. We're aren't really sure where the almond came from. Was it in the peanut package? Did he find a stray almond and choke on it at the time he was eating the peanuts? Did he choke at someone else's house, the church, etc and we didn't realize he had a nut at the time?

Needless to say after a week in the hospital, we needed time to recover. {I have pictures so a more detailed post on the aspiration will be coming. ;) }

Then full school began. All of our curriculum {I *heart* My Father's World - more on that later} came in so we dove in with both feet. The first day we didn't finish our school work until 9 pm! A 12 hour day for "school" is not the norm. Thankfully, it's gotten much better and we can generally wrap everything up in 3 hours.

Next, my brother-in-law took a two week vacation out West. This left Kent alone at the office working 10-12 hours days. When Daddy puts in that many hours at work, Mommy is exhausted!

Somewhere along there I also shared some news. We are expecting baby #6. He or she should arrive sometime near Christmas, though Kent says it must before January 1st {tax deduction :) }! Pregnancy in one's early 30s is very different from pregnancy in the early 20s. Couple that with the "fun-filled" month we had and I was just too spent to write coherent sentences.

So, can a get a "Wow, she was seriously overwhelmed" sympathy pass or am I doomed to the blogging Hall of Shame?

{I do have several future posts in my head but another busy month coming up. I'll do my best to not leave you hanging. }


  1. Wow!! Bless your heart! So glad Henry is better. I know that had to be scary!! AND a new baby!! So exciting!! Are you going to have this baby at home to?