Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pickin' Punkins

One of my favorite fall activities is visiting the pumpkin patch. We met a few families from our homeschool/ 4-H group and Mimi & Granddaddy at Peebles for a grand time.

Since our last visit lots of photo-ops have been created. Here Madisyn is delivering Griffin, Mimi and Henry to the farmer's market.

There is a survival capsule that kind of looks like a giant pumpkin where children can play.

Henry and Mimi are almost 6 feet tall. It won't be long before Ty outgrows Mimi!

The hayride is always lots of fun.

It was a very bright day when we visited. I thought late October was supposed to bring cooler temps? ;-)

I don't remember why Ben was pouting. Probably because he couldn't drive the tractor.

Peebles Farm always has a great corn maize. We tend to take the shortest, most direct route from entrance to exit.

We took Henry's stroller but he found that the view from Mimi's shoulders was much better.

The play area has a huge snake-ish creature made of old tractor tires for climbing. Henry wasn't walking well yet, but he didn't let that slow his climbing any!

What's a trip to the pumpkin patch without selecting the perfect pumpkin? I don't recommend attempting pumpkin selection in a hurry. It's a very delicate process that might cause some mommies **cough, cough, ME cough, cough** to loose their patience. I can always try to do better next year. ;-)

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