Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Christmas #2

Mary Claire wasn't much for partying at our Witcher Family Christmas but she was adorable nonetheless.

We spent a lot of time taking pictures. I'm amazed how much "family" our kids have. I didn't have any Grandfathers or great-grandparents growing up and my kiddos have two Grandfathers, a Great-Grandfather and 3 Great-Grandmothers. I want them to always remember their great-grandparents. I treasure any pictures I have of my grandmothers.

I think Mamaw looks a little scared in this one. Maybe she should be - Griffin looks a little shifty. ;-)

Griffin wore his white shirt and was so upset when he got there and Papaw was wearing a striped shirt. Papaw changed so Griffin could match and it made Griffin's day.

We had quite a crew for our celebration. Calen couldn't make it but we were so glad Uncle Phillip, Aunt Vicki, Brooke and Joey joined us. Aunt Vicki and Uncle Phillip amaze me at how involved they are in our kids lives (Aunt Betty as well - though she can't make it to as much since she doesn't live here). They really have a special bond.

How did Grandparents ever get to be old enough to be Grandparents without their Grandkids there to help them? :-D

Every year various family members ask for a Christmas list for the kids. My reply is always the same - Anything tractor related for the boys and anything horse related for Madisyn.

Aunt Vicki got Mary Claire an adorable monkey dress.

The gift of the evening was purchased by Unc and Papaw.

It was for all 6 kids but Madisyn was the primary gift opener.

A PONY!!! Skeeter had to spend a few more weeks being ridden so he would be ready for the job ahead of him! ;-) Madisyn has kept the picture close by and has shown it to anyone who would look. LOL

This is Griffin's default position at Nana and Papaw's house. That boy sure likes to watch TV.

Ty purchased a construction tool set for his brothers and set to work putting it together and showing them how it worked.

Safety conscious Henry, reporting for work.

Mary Claire found some calming activities to participate in.

Nana and Papaw enjoyed checking out everyone's favorite Christmas gift.

If we're ever attacked by aliens, I think I'm in good hands. ;-)

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  1. Hi Stacy. I ran across your blog checking google: I have a book out there titled "What A Christmas!" and find all kinds of other neat people write about similar things: farms, families, Christmas. I'm impressed with your blog and enjoyed all your family photos..a true labor of love. Blessings to each of these beautiful children and to their very wise parents!