Thursday, March 31, 2011

Would He Give . . .

Kent, along with his brother, Kirk, and dad, recently called bids for the Fair Oaks Fire Department's fundraising auction. We really enjoy going to benefit auctions and it was Mary Claire's first auction! She enjoyed being oooed and awwwed over and the other kids loved their goody bags.
I was so thankful that Nana kept up with Henry. He isn't big enough to "help" and I didn't have enough lap for him and Mary Claire. He's actually getting to the point where he's more jealous if Nana hold Mary Claire than if I do. LOL
I don't know what Unc would have done without Ben's help. ;-) Ben went on and on about how he helped Unc take bids. I'm so thankful for the relationship all our children have with Unc. He's really involved with what is going on with each of them.

Daddy, Papaw and Unc took turns calling and taking bids. Due to the generosity of the community it was a bit of a long night but we had a blast!

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