Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hard Working Men

A few Saturdays ago, Daddy and Unc got to work on a new shop area. They are quickly running out of space and needed to add some additional work area.

Of course, Daddy and Unc can't work without an audience so we all came to "supervise". :-)

Last fall, they purchased a greenhouse building. Unfortunately, the plastic cover didn't withstand a passing storm.

They determined the best way to prevent another storm destroying the building was to fortify the ends. They wanted to be able to place most any piece of equipment in the building so they installed roll-up doors on each end.

They began by setting posts and then building a wooden frame across each end. Then they attached siding the framework. The days work involved lots of  sawing and driving screws.

The best thing about Daddy's lot is there is lots of time for playing and annoying chores like laundry {does the laundry ever end!} can't follow us there. Who wouldn't love a ride on the pedal car with big brother?!?!

At the end of the day, each end was enclosed and lots of workers, little and big, slept well that night!

The next weekday, the guys in the shop helped get the cover secured and now we have an additional work area!

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