Monday, April 15, 2013

Let's Do Lunch

We never pass up the opportunity to eat with friends {and maybe baffle a few restaurant employees as well}! Recently we were travelling through the middle of the state and called the Mashburn Family to see if they would like to meet us for lunch. Henry and Ava seem to be drawn to each other, we really don't pair them up. I think it's because they have birthdays less than a month apart and  they are about the same size. They aren't old enough to realize that "boys/girls are gross". LOL

On the weekends we tend to operate on "Daddy Time" which means no plans whatsoever. We didn't make it for lunch until about 1:30 but our great friends waited for us. We ended up with a most of the boys table and an adults and girls table. The boys had a great time and there is no telling what they were talking about!

The girls and Henry were much more subdoed. Part of the kid's meals at Dixie Cafe is an ice cream sundae. It did take awhile do determine what options each child wanted - flavor of ice cream, syrup type, whipped cream, sprinkles, cherries! The list seemed almost endless but we managed to have only one that wasn't correct.

We cause we're such a bad influence, we talked the Mashburns into joining us on our adventure. We all headed to Garvan Woodland Gardens and had a great time! {More on that tomorrow!}

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