Monday, April 8, 2013

Makin' Music

For Christmas last year our children were given a guitar. Before the guitar was purchased I put out a call on Facebook for a guitar teacher. A great friend we met when we took a childbirth class with knew of a friend of a friend.

We have been so blessed by Mrs. Sheila! Is is a wonderful Christian lady who is teacher our children to play the guitar. She is teaching them to play hymns and encouraging them to play in church. She has just the right amount of playfulness and firmness.

In fact, the above picture is a common occurrence on Thursday mornings. Everyone keeps a close eye just waiting for her to arrive. The kids absolutely love Mrs. Sheila!

Another aspect we have enjoyed with taking guitar lessons is that Mrs. Sheila comes to our house! When I spoke with her the first time, I couldn't believe she would come here to give lessons. The four older kids each get a turn during lessons. The rest of us hang out in my room. The plan is that everyone will be quiet and we'll get some schoolwork done but Mary Claire frequently has a different definition of quiet than I do!

While the kids have only been taking lessons since the first of the year, they are enjoying playing the guitar immensely. I believe the main goal is to "play like Mr. Mark" . We are so thankful that the Lord blessed us with the ability to learn a musical instrument and sent a wonderful teacher as well!

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