Thursday, April 18, 2013

Simple Sunday

There are so many things in life that happen and we never capture with camera. These everyday things are the events we will look back on with fond memories. Last week I decided to take my camera to church to record some of these everyday happenings. Mrs. Janet looked like the Pied Piper of babies when I left to get the camera. When I came back only two remained but this is a frequent happening between Sunday School and preaching. The little ones rush over to see Mrs. Janet.

This particular Sunday had a potluck meal following service. I only took pictures of the kids because for some reason the adults don't seem to like it if I take their picture when they are eating. ;-)

These big ole boys always sit at this table left over from Sunday School class days. {Children stay with their parents in one class now.} I guess they like the privacy, I know that I overheard at least one Scooby Doo conversation.

The other end of  the fellowship hall was Baby Grand Central Station. Mrs. Lisa always has kids with her! There is no telling how many children have received Christ due to Mrs. Lisa's involvement in their lives. Related or not, if you know Mrs. Lisa you will be coming to church with her one Sunday ...soon!

While the adults cleaned up, the party moved back to the auditorium. We aren't a very big congregation but we have a lot of kids. In fact, the under 18s outnumber the adults quite often. Right now, most of our littles are girls. I love boys but these little girls are so sweet. For the most part they play nicely and act like little ladies. The boys were probably outside climbing a tree!

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