Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tiptoe Through the Tulips

I have been wanting to visit Garvan Woodland Gardens for some time. Tulips are my favorite flower and when I heard they were in full bloom, I begged Kent to take me.

We took a rare free Saturday and headed south. I told him I had just a few goals. See the tulips and get a family picture in front of them. Outside of those two requests we could see or not see anything else.

So, we headed for the tulip field first. I don't believe I have ever seen so many tulips at once. They had every variety imaginable and in a full rainbow of colors. I loved it. On the way the tulip fields we passed by the train. Of course, we stopped to see that for my train-loving Henry-bug and the Mashburn boys.

Seeing lots of pretty flowers isn't exactly up my sons' alley. Luckily, the Mashburns joined us and my sons more than willing to do anything with a friend. When we entered the visitor's center they gave the kids a checklist of things to search for during their visit. This also aided greatly in making the trip more enjoyable for them.

The only downside of travelling in a group of  16 is keeping everyone together. With 7 children under the age of 5, someone was always stopping to "smell the tulips". ;-)

I was really surprised at how often I heard, "Mommy, take my picture." Garvan Gardens is really an exploring little boys dream. Lots of water to watch run down hills and plenty of rocks to climb.

I loved this variety. I later found that it is called a Peony Tulip. I will be on the hunt for some bulbs of my very own this fall!

The vibrant colors that the Lord gave us for our enjoyment never cease to amaze me.

The boys thought this pet fountain/waterfall was really neat. Little did they know that this waterfall was just the beginning.

Lately, I've been trying to take opportunities to get more pictures of Kent and I as a couple. The kids are easy to photograph but doing something with them while we pose is a much greater challenge.

I think I need a photographer's assistant. I had this shot all planned out in my mind but I had to stand up the hill quite a way and couldn't get everyone posed the way I wanted. Good thing I have plans to go back. ;-)

When we get together with our friends, I really must do a better job of getting at least one picture of all the kids. This pic is missing 3 people!

The full moon bridge is lovely. While we were there we say several young couples decked out in prom attire taking advantage of the scenery. This place is truly a photographer's paradise!

Even Ty couldn't resist the "coolness" and let me get a few shots of him.

And this would be typical Ben. Always into/on something. I don't think we passed a rock that he didn't feel was challenging him to climb.

The koi pond had several great trees around it. It would be a great place for a picnic.

What kid doesn't love water! I think Mary Claire was the only one who actually ended up in the water but they were all testing to see how close they could get.

We saved the best place for last. Living in the delta, we don't see many water falls {unless you count the water spewing out of a relift pump!} so they are always a lovely site to behold.

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