Monday, April 1, 2013

Work, Work, Work

We own two family businesses. One of those businesses doesn't allow our children to help much in the day to day operation. The auction business, however, has a job for everyone! 

Long before auction day, lots of prep work must happen. We accept consignments for two weeks prior to the auction. This mean that Daddy loads up equipment (air compressors, fork lifts, etc.) to be used during check-in and on auction day.

Mary Claire and Liberty provided consulting services while Daddy loaded the trailer. They both agreed - He did a great job!

Our children rarely miss an auction. In fact, they rise earlier for auction days than they do on Christmas day.

Ty's primary auction day job is to hold the "This Item Now Being Sold" sign. Some of our auctions require the use of two auction trucks running at the same time and the sign allows bidders to travel between lines and with a glance tell exactly what item is selling.

Our open consignment auctions have everything from tractors to travel trailers to four wheelers to lawn mowers.

Of course, Ty has to take a break every once in awhile and Griffin relieved him of his sign holding duty. Griffin and Ben serve as back-up sign holders. The sign is top heavy and they aren't quite big enough to hold it all day.

Daddy, Unc and Papaw do the bid calling.

When we just run one truck, Daddy and Unc will trade off clerking (writing down who bought something and how much it brought) and bid calling.

When we start running two trucks, Mrs. Janet and I will trade off working in the office trailer and clerking. Since our children are at any auction we have, I frequently travel back and forth between them and the auction.

Ben also had his turn at holding the sign.

Madisyn has earned her keep by being the resident baby sitter. We were truly blessed to be able to borrow this camper for the kids to have a "home base". Through out both days of the auction, Madisyn kept Henry, Mary  Claire and Liberty. She played games with them, fed them lunch, made sure they got naps and took them for walks. She is a wonderful big sister! Madisyn and Ty earn full day wages while Griffin and Ben earn half day pay.

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