Thursday, April 25, 2013

Zoo Take Two

One of our favorite things about homeschooling is the ability to take a field trip on any day we choose. We typically avoid Fridays because so many school groups make field trips then.

On Good Friday we had plans to visit the zoo with our friends and we were rained out. So we set a rain date and visited last week. It was anything but rainy. Several of us got a little sunburn. I left feeling like the worst Mommy ever as Liberty got her first burn. Her little face and one arm were more exposed in the Ergo than I realized. As soon as we got home I contacted Mrs. Stephanie at The Shifty Fox and placed an order for a sunhat. I'm not used to such a fair skinned babe.

We started off in Cat Country. After visiting the felines, the kids asked to visit the nre Sting Ray exhibit. I didn't realize there was an additional charge, so we settled with taking pictures instead. Hopefully, Daddy can make a trip with us and we can visit the Sting Rays another time.


Since we were there with the Mashburn and Tims families, picture taking took quite some time.

After taking a picture with everyone the kids checked out the elephant statue.

We headed to lunch and then visited the farm. A favorite activity for me is getting a picture of the kids on the cow. We've been getting one most trips since Madisyn and Ty were babies. My oldest babies are getting a little tired of the routine but they indulge their Momma anyway. :-)

We love hanging out with our friends. It's so nice to have friends were the kids like each other, the dads like each other and the moms like each other. When we all get together that's over 23 personalities to contend with! It's amazing that many people can enjoy each other.

Each time we get together we always forget to get a picture of  the kids. We didn't this time! It took awhile to get the kids gathered up from the playground. When we started, this hippo was free of other children. By the time we had everyone gathered up, some poor child had gotten in with our group and was trapped inside. She didn't seem to mind and we didn't even no she was there until she came out when we started leaving. LOL Either she's incredibly patient or she doesn't quite understand how photobombing works! :-)

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