Monday, June 3, 2013

Mother's Day Craft

This past Mother's Day we decided to make a gift for Mammie and Nana.

Pinterest has been full of wonderful handmade gifts for mothers of all kinds.

However most of the gifts are best suited to be from one or two children. (Anyone want 7 terrariums?)

So I improvised. :-)

I saw several pins of pictures made using foot prints. Feet are easy to paint than hands so I decided on this type of craft.

Since I needed to fit 7 pair of feet, I needed something different than the traditional card stock or canvas.

I decided on a terracotta pot. I began by letting the oldest kids sand the pots.

We then sprayed the inside with several thick layers of clear spray paint to help seal the pot and keep moisture out.

I applied two light coats of sealant to the outside of the pot and we set to decorating. I started with the oldest kids as it's easier to fit Libby sized feet in a small hole, than say cramming in Ty's into leftover space.

After the kids did  their parts {Every time I do something like this I say never again, so I wouldn't say it was easy!} and the paint dried, I added the butterfly bodies and antennae. We applied a few more coats of sealant. While waiting for the last coat of sealant to dry a certain child ran into a pot with his bike so we got to start all over again. Thankfully, Unc came to the rescue and picked us up another pot as the local stores didn't have any large enough for 7 pair of feet.

After the sealant dried the kids planted the flowers. We purchased most of our supplies about 10 days early and then had nothing but rain. The flowers were looking awful puny because I moved them to the garage out of the rain. This also meant they got very little sun. After a few days with Mammie and Nana, they perked up and are flowering beautifully.

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  1. Great minds think alike! We did the same craft using smaller pots and we used just Arynn's feet as a butterfly and the big kids used their thumbs to make flowers! Cute idea, yours turned out great! :)