Monday, July 8, 2013

What's got them so excited?

We are proud to share that the Lord has blessed us again! Baby blessing #8 is due to arrive in January!

We've been discussing names for the baby. Though kindly suggested, I can assure the name will not be Octavian, Octavia, Caboose, Super Baby or Eight.

 I had a little discussion with Henry about a few names that went something like this:

Me: Henry, if the baby is a boy can we name him Thomas (Henry's beloved train)?

Henry: I gave you a name when I was wearing my Scooby-Doo shirt (Pumpkin Doo).

Me: Couldn't we name a little brother Thomas?

Henry: (with the most serious look I've ever seen on him) No!

Me: Can we name a little brother James or Percy (more beloved Thomas the Train characters)?

Mary Claire : YAY!!!!

Henry: NO!!! Mary Claire you don't understand because you don't love Thomas like I do!

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