Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fun at Fort Rock, Part 2

Our fun at Fort Rock continues! Check out Part 1, here.

If you've never been to family camp, the best way to describe it is that it's kind of like visiting your favorite state park and staying in a cabin except someone else handles all the meals! They also provide activities for you to participate in but you aren't require to do anything.

On our first full day of camp we woke up to gray skies. Determined not to let the rain dampen our fun we outfitted the youngest kids in trash bags. {I've since updated my emergency supplies in the van with ponchos.} Thankfully, the rain was light and helped to cool off the normally scorching late July heat.

Visiting the rifle range was a highlight for the kids. They've shot the BB gun here and there but a "real" range with a "real" gun complete  targets was more fun than they expected.

Future suitors beware! The big brothers in this house are prepared to protect their sisters. ;-)

Madisyn wasn't about to let the boys have all the fun.

Of course, not everyone can shoot at once so the little guys had fun exploring while they waited.

Ben took his target practice very seriously.

Each cabin got to pick two people to shoot for points. Daddy and Ty were our selected marksmen. They each got 21 points and came in second on the rifle range. Considering Ty fired more bullets at Fort Rock than he had previously in his entire life, we were quite proud.

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