Friday, August 23, 2013

Morning Mayhem

Imagine my surprise when I downloaded the pictures from the camera memory card and discovered a morning of fun the children had! The photographer {Madisyn, I believe} caught her brothers and sisters in all kinds of mischief, while Mommy prepared for the day.

Ben was wonderful at devouring the rest of the bananas.

 Tyler helped himself to the remainder of the cookie dough.

Mary Claire and Liberty had lots of carrots {at least they were health conscious}. Maybe that's why Libby's hair looks so orange?!? ;-)

But the greatest surprise was the photo shoot that captured the many faces of Griffin. I hope they make you smile as much as I did. I'm still not sure what prompted him to dig out his fishing derby certificate from June to use as a prop, but the boy has a future in comedy.

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