Friday, September 20, 2013

A Day in the Life of an Auctioneer's Family

I thought it would be fun to chronicle our life on auction day! This particular auction was out of town and I was concerned it would be very hot so we secured a sitter for Henry, Mary Claire and Liberty.

Auction days are like Christmas around our house. The boys all slept in the living room. The day began with me waking them up at 6:30.

The previous night, clothes were laid out, lunches and coolers were packed and shoes were located.

The sitter arrived just before 7 and the rest of us loaded in the van. The auction was about 45 minutes away and due to a cooler malfunction, we had to stop for another bag of ice.

Once we arrived at the auction yard, the kids unloaded the van. A cooler was placed in the office trailer and in the sound truck.

Other lunch supplies {bread, silverware, etc}, Mommy's camera, purse and laptop were also carried to the office trailer.

We open the windows on the office trailer about an hour before the auction begins for registration. Nana and Mrs. Janet check people in along with Mommy. Unc is our IT person and was double checking a few things before we began.

Before the auction started, Senator Ronald Caldwell, presented us with a Senate Memorial Citation in honor of Kenneth, the founder of Witcher Auctions.

He read the proclamation and said some very kind words about Kenneth, our family and our auction business.

I didn't get pictures of Madisyn in action because she spent most of the day in the office trailer. She ran errands and messages between the sound trucks and trailer, and helped keep up with Ben and Griffin when they weren't actively working.

The boys get right in the middle of the action. Ty holds the sign during the sale so that the crowd can always tell what item is currently being sold.

We ran two auction trucks most of the day. Daddy and Unc each handled the bid calling in their truck. I served as a clerk in Kent's truck most of the day {which is why I wasn't able to get pictures of Madisyn}. Before and after the auction, I worked in the office trailer.

When Griffin and Ben aren't in the middle of the auction ring, they like to "inspect" equipment.

Madisyn brought Ty a sandwich and lunch. She also prepared lunch for Griffin, Ben, Kent and I.

Griffin and Ben also assist people with loading small items at auctions.

We sold approximately 700 items in about 7 hours. Once the sale was over the crowd lined up to pay and I returned to the office trailer to help check people out.

We got home to Henry and the girls around 7 pm. Auctions make for long days, but we're thankful to be able to spend most of it together as a family.

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