Thursday, September 5, 2013

All's Fair in Arts and Crafts


It was finally time to load up all the goodies the kids had been working on for the last few weeks. We headed to the fair grounds and despite our best efforts to complete paperwork beforehand, we still spent over 2 hours checking items in to their divisions.

It's been several years since the kids last exhibited craft items at the fair and I had forgotten a few things that would have made it go a little faster. Hopefully, I can remember them next year as we'll have 5 kiddos showcasing their talents and 3 little ones tagging along.

The kids worked hard and gathered quite a collection of items to display. They had everything from Christmas Favors, to Abstract Paintings, to Dolls and everything in between.

Madisyn has really been busy and even received some assistance from Nana. Her most prized entry was a pillow made from a campaign t-shirt when Papaw ran for County Judge. When he passed away, she pulled the shirt from her keepsake box and began talking about hanging it in her room.

I suggested that she upcycle it into a pillow. She decided to ask Nana to help her with the project. One afternoon she gathered her sewing machine and all the necessary supplies and headed to Nana's. I think it was a wonderful project for her to complete with Nana and they did a great job!

After we filled out the catalog of our entries, we headed to the 4-H section of the exhibit hall. Once again while the waited, the kids scoped out the competition. We have some very talented children in our area! We saw some amazing drawings and beautiful crafts.

After we completed all the paperwork, we loaded in the van and headed for home. Daddy treated us all to a Sonic drink. As he sat drinking his tea, Henry said "Thank you for the tea, Daddy. I would have rather had an ice cream cone, but it's OK." I can assure you, there is never a dull moment in our house or car!

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