Friday, September 27, 2013

Bowling Is Right Up Our Alley

Back in May we participated in a "School's Out" bowling party with 4-H. We had trouble locating my camera so I borrowed Madisyn's camera. Some how the memory card was misplaced and we just found it! I'm so glad, as it held the only pictures of most of the kids first bowling trip and Henry's Birthday.

Our older children had been bowling before but the last time we went as a family, Ben wasn't a year old yet! Needless to say, they were able to participate much more this time.

We were very thankful that the bowling alley placed bumpers in the gutters. This made the game much for fun. The 7 and under crew played on the bumper lane and the rest of us played on the other lane.

Daddy was able to join us and he was a great coach! The ball was nearly as big as Henry and Mary Claire but they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Even Libby enjoyed the family time!

Big sisters make everything more fun!

The little girls only made it through one game but the rest of us played two! Kent and I took turns holding little people, bowling our frames and helping the middle kids. We were worn out by the time we were done!

We had a great time bowling. It's amazing how much more enjoyable it is to bowl since smoking has been banned. We look forward to more family times at the bowling alley.

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