Friday, September 6, 2013

Carpentry is For the Birds

The kids were so excited when Mrs. Jennifer {and Mr. Dennis} gifted them with pre-cut pieces to make birdhouses. We had them for about a week before I found an opportunity to put them together and heard many requests to complete them now during that time.

Other than helping hold a few pieces while they drilled, the kids completed the entire project on their own. I have to admit, letting them have free rain to do projects as they please is a bit hard on this perfectionist mama. However, I have been really pleased with how much they've learned. If only the desire to clean up was a great as the desire to create, life would be perfect! :-)

I'm not sure which part they enjoyed the most, using Daddy's drill or playing in Mommy's paint. They assembled the houses and then set to sanding.

Once they sanding was done, the part I like best came next. It was really neat to see what they each come up with. Since they were planning to enter the birdhouses in the fair, I did lay a few ground rules like no names or auction company logos. Ben got past me and may have autographed his a few times before submitting it to the fair.

I'm not sure what look Ty was originally going for but his final design looked like a barn, complete with an "X" front door.

Madisyn gave her birdhouse a funky boutique look and it turned out to be really cute. We'll have to see if the judges like it as much as I'm sure our feathered friends will.

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