Thursday, September 19, 2013

Daddy's Garage


We had a rare open Saturday and spent the day hanging out with Daddy. After lunch we visited the shop and the kids worked on their equipment while Daddy changed the oil in the big, black van.

Madisyn, Griffin, Henry and Mary Claire reattached the wheels to their wagon.

Ty hopped on the mower and knocked out the grass that the bush hog couldn't reach.

Mary Claire likes to be in the middle of everything and never misses a chance to get dirty.

Henry became Daddy's right hand man and handed him the bottles of oil to fill the car. It's takes awhile to open and pour 12 quarts of oil!

Ben's best tricycle was left out in the field. Grass grew up around it and the trike had a run in with the tractor. Needless to say, the tractor was the victor in the fight. The tricycle is beyond repair but Ben tried to salvage some parts. I'm sure he has a grand plan for them. :-)

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