Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fair-ly Nice Day

We had a beautiful day last week so I decided to take the kids to the district fair. What boy doesn't love an excavator sized just for him. Can you imagine the destruction Ben could create with this little gem?

What could possibly go wrong with Henry behind the wheel? They aren't even moving and Mary Claire and Ben are having a blast! We love visiting fairs and seeing all the animals {our family isn't much for rides, though}. Our local county fair isn't very large and I knew by state fair time I wouldn't be up for walking on uneven ground, so the district fair seemed to be a perfect fit.

Our favorite part of the fair was the petting zoo. Ty was generous and bought food to feed the animals. He divided it among his brothers and sisters and everyone had a chance to feed something.

Some of the animals had their fill of the dry food and would only come to the fence for carrots.

The Antelope was a favorite but everyone was afraid to let him eat out of their hands. They placed carrots on top of the feeder and let him get them from there.

Another favorite activity at the fair is having pictures made in front of equipment. I think it goes without saying that for the Witcher kids, the bigger the better!

A picture in the bucket of the tractor sounded like a good idea but getting everyone to look didn't work out so well. LOL

Even though the rides weren't open when we visited, a picture in front of the Ferris Wheel is a fair time tradition.


We decided to save Kent a little time and shop for our next car. ;-)

Next we hit the exhibit hall. The kids enjoyed petting a bear pelt at the State Park booth. They were very happy to report to the interpretor that they had visited several of the parks she had featured on the sign.

Of course, the best part of the exhibit hall is all the free stuff. PLEASE, vendors when you see a woman with seven children visit your booth, PLEASE don't tell her children they can have one of everything when she just told them they could pick one thing. Any number times 7 means lots and lots of papers, flyers, business cards, key chains, bumper stickers and bags that will make a mess all over the van and boys' room. Not that I know that from experience or anything. ;-)

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