Monday, September 2, 2013

Fly On The Wall

It's been some time since I shared some the funny things the kids say. Since the main purpose of our blog is to record our memories, I want to share a few.

Each year the children over the age of four get to go "Birthday Shopping" with Nana. Instead of bringing a gift on their birthday, Kent's Mom gives them a certificate to be redeemed in the future. The birthday child gets to spend the night with Nana and then go shopping the next day. The kids love it because they get one on one time with Nana, eat wherever they like and choose their own gifts. This year the festivities have included taking Nana to the movies! When I picked Henry up after his day, he was talking non-stop. He told me story after story of their adventures all the way home. The first story he shared and the most exciting part of his day was breakfast at McDonald's.  He told me he had chocolate milk and pancakes and then shared some wisdom, "Mommy we ate at McDonald's and you can go INSIDE! You don't have to drive by  and let the lady give you your food through the window. You can go inside and eat. They have tables and chairs!" Clearly we've only hit the drive through in his short little life and he had no clue there was another option!

In our history curriculum this year we are studying the exploration of America. The kids were sharing things they learned on the way home from church. They got to talking about Christopher Columbus and different children were spouting facts, "One of the ships was the Pinta", "It was 1492", "He sailed for Spain", etc. Ben didn't want to be out done and he said "Christopher Columbus is dead". Griffin quickly added, "Ben, everyone knows that!".

Our children have as many adult friends as they do kids. One of their favorite couples is Mrs. Jennifer and Mr. Dennis. While I was prepping supper one night the kids were playing in the living room. Mary Claire told Liberty to open wide. Madisyn said "Why are you telling Libby to open wide? Are you playing Dentist?" Then Henry said, "Mrs. Jennifer is a dentist." Ben could tell where the conversation was going and added "Mrs. Jennifer has a Mr. Dentist." Apparently, Mr. Dennis is a farmer and a dentist. ;-)

After church the kids were discussing what we would do on Sunday afternoon. Our standard activity is naps for all. Ben isn't particularly found of naps and said, "When I'm married and have kids . . . On Sundays I'm going to make everybody go home  . . . and eat a bag of cheese!"

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