Monday, September 9, 2013

The Results Are In

We visited the fair after the judging to check out the results. Madisyn was pleasantly surprised to learn that her pen of chickens were awarded Reserve Champion.

We were a little disappointed that her pillow didn't get a blue ribbon and was turned around backwards. The rest of her items did well.

When we picked up our items we found out that Madisyn was awarded a John Deere cooler for her Reserve Champion chickens. She entered the most items in the fair of our children. She had several blue ribbons and a few red ribbons.

Griffin's pen of chickens were awarded a blue ribbon. The larger chickens next to his pen were the Best of Show.

This was Griffin's first year to enter the fair. He did really well.

Three of his items, including his painting, received blue ribbons. He was also awarded a chicken feeder for his blue ribbon chickens.

Ty's chickens also received a blue ribbon and a feeder.

Ty had several blue ribbons as well and was pretty excited to see his crafts displayed.

Ty had a very good showing in the fair and is looking forward to next year.

Ben was a little disappointed that his chickens didn't get a pretty ribbon like Madisyn's. He did get a blue ribbon for his pen of three.

This was also Ben's first year to show in the fair and he is already looking forward to entering more next year.

Ben's items received 24 points all together and is very proud of his ribbons.

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