Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Back in Time {Part 1}

Things have gotten a bit busy around here. I've had a couple of posts ready and just never got them published.

A couple of weeks ago we visited Parker Homestead. It's a great "pioneer village" type place that opens in the fall. Several of our homeschool friends joined us and the kids were especially excited that Nana came along. They have big plans for her to attend all future field trips. ;-)

We started at the Rope Maker's stand. This is always a favorite for the kids. They always jump at the chance to make their own rope.

Sisal twine is looped through a jig. When the handle is turned each section of twine twists and they all three sections twist together. The Rope Maker rigged the stand so that it only takes three people (two keep the sections separate - one at each end, and the kids get to turn the handle) to make a rope instead of four. Before his rig, a fourth person had to keep the rope taught.

Liberty and Clara had a good time checking each other out. I was hopeful that Liberty would want some of Clara's independence for herself and start walking but 3-4 steps seems to be her maximum distance.

Next we visited the man that showed the kids how the cross cut saw worked. No one in our group got to try their hand at it but they enjoyed the demonstration just the same.

Next a man from the extension service talked to the kids about agriculture, specifically crops and how they are grown and harvested. Ty was renamed Jethro and served as an assistant. My country kids know their crops!

It was a very warm day and shade seemed elusive. Some of us couldn't get close enough to the medicine lady so we played in the trees.

I think some of these pictures may be gracing the walls of our home soon.

The covered bridge is another favorite place to visit. The kids really enjoyed Nana coming and dragged her all over the homestead.

During our lunch, Griffin and Lee put their ropes to good? use and played a game of tug of war.

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