Tuesday, October 1, 2013


This year in our My Father's World studies we are learning about animals in science. Last week wrapped up our discussion about mammals and birds were our last animal we discussed.

In the teacher's manual they suggested an owl pellet as an extra activity for science. My kids were not impressed! I really doubt that when we get back around to Exploration to 1850, I'll order another one.


Madisyn wanted nothing to do with it an opted to take pictures instead. Ty kept telling me over and over, "He ate a mouse, can we stop now? It's a mouse, are we done?". Personally, I found it to be pretty interesting. It's amazing to me that God made an animal that could eat another animal whole and the predator's body can sort all the pieces and separate the hair and bones from the usable, edible tissue.

At least ragamuffin Liberty enjoyed family science time!

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