Monday, November 4, 2013

Sawmill Days {Part 2}

After lunch, we went to school. The one room schoolhouse has been restored and placed on the edge of the park. Visiting the school is always a highlight of a visit to the park.

The kids learned about the purpose of the two stoves in the room and even got to handle coal. Their hands didn't fair so well after that hands on experience. :-)

As a treat the park staff makes old fashioned Kettle Corn. The kids LOVE the popcorn and the temptation to be greedy is very strong.

They visited a station and had the opportunity to play games like Jacob's Ladder, Cup and Ball and Grace (throwing/catching hoops).

Liberty is such a trooper when it comes to hanging out during field trips. She is usually pretty content to sit in the stroller and watch the other kids have a good time.

The last activity of the day was a scavenger hunt in the cemetery. No one has been buried there since 1924. The kids divided into two groups with Madisyn and Ty chosen as leaders of the two groups (they were the strongest readers). None of the boys wanted to be on Madisyn's team so it was a very lopsided competition with 6 boys vs Madisyn and JoAnna.

Once time was called it was determined that the girls were the victors! They had 9 correct answers and the boys only manged to find three! Candyce and I think that next time Madisyn might find a few more team members. LOL

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