Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas is a Comin'

Last week we attended the annual Christmas parade. Our older children were on the 4-H float so we headed downtown with the littles to enjoy the show. Please forgive Mary Claire's ragamuffin appearance, she seems to enjoy pulling the rubber bands out of her hair and of course, I couldn't find them in the dark.

Because the Christmas parade is at Christmas time and in the dark, it's normally quite cold. We always park near the end of the route and watch from the van. The kids don't get much candy parked there but most of the  floats have diminished their supply by the time they get to the end anyway. We made two exceptions to sitting in the car. The first was Henry and Mary Claire insisted they needed to go see Miss. Arkansas Rice, Jenna. Jenna is in our 4-H group and our younger kids adore her. They search the local paper each week for pictures of Jenna.

The other exception was the Soaring Eagles 4-H float. Our poor group had a rough go on getting in the parade. First the trailer they planned to use was unavailable (due to rescheduling the parade because of snow and ice). Next, the tractor had a flat happen while they were sitting in line. Thankfully,  the man with the tractor ran to his farm and secured another trailer and pulled it with his pick up. They had to resort to plan C but the kids didn't seem to mind.

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