Monday, December 16, 2013

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

When Madisyn was very small we stopped leaving the house on holidays. We decided that we would get together with friends and family for those holidays but we would stay home on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Christmas Eve. We didn't want the actual holiday itself to be a rushed event or have one side of the family feel left out because we didn't spend it with them. We welcome anyone to come visit us and join us for lunch but we'll be staying put.

On Thanksgiving, we were blessed to have Nana and Mammie and Granddaddy come visit us. We had a wonderful meal (which my sweet husband and daughter did most of the work). After lunch Mom and Dad decided to work for their lunch. ;-)

They brought over supplies for gathering pecans. We have a couple of pecan trees and the kids had gathered a few nuts. We don't own a blower or pecan picker upper and this pregnant woman wasn't up for all the bending that is required to harvest the nuts. So they were kind enough to bring their supplies to share.

The kids had a blast picking up pecans with their grandparents. Ty got to run the really cool backpack leaf blower. What boy doesn't love power tools?

Mary Claire's closeness to the ground is a definite plus but her short attention span tends to cancel out the advantage.

When we moved to the 2nd tree, Griffin wanted a turn with the blower. It's so heavy that Madisyn had to assist him with putting it on. The blower seemed to weigh him down and push him back a little more than it did Ty. :-)

Sadly, Madisyn never got a turn with the blower as it ran out of gas.

Every time Mom and Dad visit the kids bring out tons of books and want Granddaddy to read them a story. This time, Griffin returned the favor and did the reading.

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