Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Witcher Family Christmas

We had our first Witcher Family Christmas with our new cousin, Christopher,  this year. The boys have especially enjoyed having another "partner in crime" at family events. We started off with a great meal cooked by Nana with additions made by Aunt Vicki, Aunt Betty, and Aunt Amanda. Our Christmas celebration at Nana's includes lot of extended family members.

Mary Claire's affection has been permanently won by Aunt Vicki, Aunt Betty and Nana because they indulged her Minnie Mouse obsession. She is now decked out with t-shirts, dresses and a couple of dolls. She will even dig her Minnie Mouse clothes out of the dirty basket so she can wear them two days in a row.

Unc provided some entertainment by "stealing" Minnie Mouse. Mary Claire ended up getting a garbage bag to put Minnie in so she could keep it hidden from Unc. She really thought he was going to take Minnie home with him!

Henry also had some items added to his Thomas collection. The way to that boy's heart is through Thomas, especially if you are willing to listen to his Thomas stories.

Liberty received an adorable baby doll. Mary Claire wasn't really interested in her dolls until she was nearly 3. I expected Liberty to follow. She opened the doll and it has barely left her side since. She loves to carry the baby around and pat it's back.

Watch out! Ben got a gun! He has now learned that Mommy and Daddy are not moving targets. Ty had some Nerf guns and all the boys {Christopher included} have enjoyed lots of Nerf battles. That's why God gives boys other boys to play with - they can shoot each other!

The boys also acquired a couple RC trucks. Mommy and Daddy are getting used to the constant sound of whirring wheels tearing through the house.

Madisyn is in Heaven with her Nook from Aunt Vicki. She came home and we immediately loaded it with tons of books. Is enabling a reading addiction a bad thing?

It has become increasingly difficult to find gifts for the Grandparents. We didn't take a new family picture at Christmas this year because of Felicity's impending arrival. Since Madisyn was born, I have become the family photographer. Most of the pictures taken over the last 13 years are in my possession.

 So, Kent and I decided to make Nana a photobook. We included lots of pictures of her, Papaw, Grandpa and both Mamaws with the kids. A few tears were shed but I think it was a well loved gift. 

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