Monday, February 17, 2014

Felicity Anne You Are SIX Weeks Old!

WOW! Six weeks!

You weigh 13 pounds and wear 0-3 month clothes!

You started smiling this week.

You are having a terrible time with reflux. We're giving you 0.5 ml of liquid Rolaids to help with the burning.

You celebrated your first Valentine's Day complete with a party with several friends.

Once we get you some relief from the reflux, you have slept a 6-7 hour stretch once a night.

You are a really good car rider. You attended the Arkansas Auctioneer's Convention and rode all the way across the state.

You made your first visit to the nursing home with the 4-H group. The residents and nurses all wanted to keep you there.

You are really good at going with the flow of our family. If I put you in the wrap, you're up for anything.

You still really like the swing. It's your favorite place to hang out during school.

You are such a sweet little girl and we're so blessed to have you.

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